Experience the aroma
of freshly ground cinnamon

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  • Specially designed for fresh cinnamon
  • Use at the table, sprinkle on food as the fancy takes you
  • Add maximum flavour to your baking and cooking
  • Crafted in honey oak, comes with its own hand-made ceramic cup
  • Grater, cup and cinnamon

    Grater, cup and cinnamon

    A small decorative hand grater supplied with a beautifully shaped ceramic cup for storing the grater and a couple of fresh cinnamon sticks.

  • Original Cinnamon Lovers Pack

    The beautifully presented Cinnamon Lovers Pack comes with a packet each of Ceylon and Saigon cinnamon included, worth $21. Ideal for Cinnamon Lovers or as an original present.

  • Fresh Cinnamon Starter Set

    The boxed Starter Set comes with two individually-wrapped sample sticks, one of Ceylon and one of Saigon.
    Ideal for first time buyers.

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