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Cinnamon Hill Valentine's poem 2019

Posted on 14.02.2019 by Sinner Man

This year for Valentine's Day we've chosen "Spell" by Kate Clanchy

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Cinnamon Lovers Club

Posted on 23.11.2018 by Sinner Man

We've formed the Cinnamon Lovers Club.  This entitles you to a 10% discount on all purchases.  Anyone who has made more than two purchases is eligible to join.  Click here to apply.

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new Ceylon cinnamon harvest

Posted on 21.11.2018 by Sinner Man

The new Ceylon cinnamon harvest, collected during October, is available for sale.  It's proving more and more difficult to source Ceylon cinnamon sticks of this quality and the prices are rising but we're holding our prices firm for the Christmas period.  The cinnamon is lovely and fruity, perfect to lift an apple pie, for example.

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Canelle Spray success!

Posted on 08.09.2018 by Sinner Man

Canelle Spray, our natural cinnamon mosquito repellent, has been a great success!

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A Ceylon cinnamon lover writes in

Posted on 01.07.2018 by Sinner Man

A customer did a grating experiment with another brand of Ceylon cinnamon.  The pictures speak for themselves.

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Saigon cinnamon new harvest alert

Posted on 28.06.2018 by Sinner Man

The May 2018 Saigon cinnamon harvest has arrived and is now available for sale.

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Canelle Spray natural mosquito repellent

Posted on 24.04.2018 by Sinner Man

We've finally launched our new product, Canelle Spray.  It's a totally natural cinnamon-based mosquito repellent.  It has no chemical additives at all, smells lovely and really works!

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Cinnamon may inhibit prostate cancer progress

Posted on 26.03.2018 by Sinner Man

Recent research finds that cinnamon could stop prostate cancer from progressing.  

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Cinnamon Hill valentine biscuits

Posted on 14.02.2018 by Grater Garbo

Living on a cinnamon farm with lots of visitors means we try and have a tin of homemade cinnamon biscuits on the go at all times. We've experimented endlessly to get just the right amount of crisp spicy sweetness and we hope you’ll agree that these are melt-in-your-mouth delicious. They’re simple to make, great fun for children, and very romantic!

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Faster, more reliable delivery options

Posted on 14.11.2017 by Sinner Man

We've added faster, more reliable delivery options to ensure that your orders get to you in good time for you-know-what!

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Fresh Ceylon cinnamon harvest

Posted on 05.11.2017 by Sinner Man

The new Ceylon cinnamon harvest has arrived!

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cinnamon and honey diet results

Posted on 27.06.2017 by Sinner Man

In May we set about an experiment, looking to see if a daily intake of fresh cinnamon and honey can help people to lose weight.  The evidence of our 40 volunteers is persuasive and their stories are compelling. 


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Cinnamon Hill weight loss experiment continued

Posted on 05.06.2017 by Sinner Man

 Our volunteers are well past the first week of the weight loss experiment.  A few have remained the same weight and one has put on a pound but the large majority have shed a couple of pounds.  

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Cinnamon Hill packaging tricks

Posted on 22.05.2017 by Sinner Man

Have you ever wondered how we package our cinnamon without any glue or staples, just by folding the cardboard?  Watch Tracey in action!


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Cinnamon Hill weight loss experiment

Posted on 20.05.2017 by Sinner Man

We have over 40 volunteers for our fresh cinnamon and honey weight loss experiment and we are nearly ready to start.  Here are the instructions for the daily fresh cinnamon and honey mix, to be consumed by our volunteers every night.



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Cinnamon and honey weight loss experiment

Posted on 12.04.2017 by Sinner Man

Many cinnamon lovers have reported that a combination of cinnamon and raw honey, consumed daily, helps weight loss.  We want to put this to the test and are looking for volunteers.

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Cinnamon Hill competition

Posted on 09.03.2017 by Sinner Man

We're launching a competion, open to all Cinnamon Lovers, to win a Grater Pack.


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Cinnamon Hill valentine

Posted on 14.02.2017 by Sinner Man

This year we have chosen a love poem by cinnamon hero Clive James.

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Nigella Lawson's cinnamon squares

Posted on 19.01.2017 by Sinner Man

A simple recipe for delicious Cinnamon Squares

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Vietnamese chicken curry recipe

Posted on 06.09.2016 by Sinner Man

A mouthwatering Vietnamese curry recipe from Hungry Healthy Happy in the UK made specially with fresh Saigon cinnamon.


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Thank you from Cinnamon Hill

Posted on 20.10.2015 by Sinner Man

We now have more than 2500 subscribers to the Cinnamon Hill Harvest Alert and more than 1000 Facebook likes.  Thanks for your interest and support, cinnamon lovers around the world!

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Kanelbullensdag - Cinnamon Roll Day

Posted on 23.09.2015 by Sinner Man

4 October is Kanelbullens Dag in Sweden - Cinnamon Roll Day.  Enter the baking competition at and win a Cinnamon Hill Grater Pack.

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Cinnamon Hill news round-up

Posted on 05.08.2015 by Sinner Man

It's been a busy few weeks at Cinnamon Hill.

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the Haven fresh cinnamon pick-me-up

Posted on 23.04.2015 by Sinner Man

Try the Haven pick-me-up from Cochin, Southern India: fresh lime juice, iced tea and fresh cinnamon.

Haven pick-me-up 184x138

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Open letter to the US Postal Service

Posted on 12.03.2015 by Sinner Man

Dear Mr Postman, I would like to complain.

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Cinnamon aphrodisiac

Posted on 07.02.2015 by Grater Garbo

Valentine's Day reflections: is fresh cinnamon an aphrodisiac?


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Cinnamon Hill Christmas

Posted on 06.01.2015 by Sinner Man

Well, it's been a cracking Christmas at Cinnamon Hill, rounding off our first full year in business.  Thanks to all our customers and Happy New Year!


Cinnamon Hill fireworks Buxton


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Cinnamon, Halloween and Dia de los Muertos

Posted on 31.10.2014 by Sinner Man

Ceylon cinnamon plays a role in the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations around now.

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A busy week at Cinnamon Hill

Posted on 28.09.2014 by Sinner Man

It's been a busy week at Cinnamon Hill.

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Perfect fresh cinnamon combinations

Posted on 27.08.2014 by Sinner Man

We thought about the perfect fresh cinnamon combinations.  Most are to do with fruit but two are dfferent: Lucullian Delight's Risgryngröt and Mrs Hao's Aubergine at the Hotel Metropole in Saigon.

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Cinnamon Hill officially appointed Food Renegades

Posted on 18.07.2014 by Sinner Man

Cinnamon Hill are officially appointed Food Renegades.  Viva la revolucion!

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Spicelines review of Ceylon and Saigon cinnamon

Posted on 03.07.2014 by Sinner Man

Spicelines, the world's most discerning spice blog, assesses Cinnamon Hill's Ceylon and Saigon cinnamon and grater.


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Cinnamon harvest update

Posted on 03.06.2014 by Sinner Man

The harvests of Saigon cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon have been late this year, in both cases owing to late Monsoon rain in Vietnam and Sri Lanka. 

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Tomato, cinnamon and almond salad recipe

Posted on 14.04.2014 by Grater Garbo

Moroccan tomato, cinnamon and almond salad recipe

From the excellent, newly published Buenvino Cookbook

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Cinnamon at Nighthawk Ranch

Posted on 01.04.2014 by Sinner Man

We just can't resist this.

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Quentão with fresh Ceylon cinnamon

Posted on 24.03.2014 by Sinner Man

Quentão with fresh Ceylon cinnamon - hot stuff


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Fresh cinnamon health benefits

Posted on 04.03.2014 by Grater Garbo

Leading UK nutritional therapist Henrietta Norton has reviewed our fresh cinnamon and concluded "It's a joy to recommend a functional yet delicious addition to my clients' diets".

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Cinnamon Hill valentine part 2

Posted on 14.02.2014 by Sinner Man

For Grater Garbo with love

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Cinnamon Hill valentine part 1

Posted on 14.02.2014 by Grater Garbo

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Fresh cinnamon and gluten

Posted on 10.02.2014 by Sinner Man

Top healthy food blogger Glutenfreegirl features our fresh cinnamon today.  She concludes "And seriously?  Buy some of this cinnamon."

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Saigon cinnamon in Chinese medicine

Posted on 27.01.2014 by Grater Garbo

Hla, a Burmese herbalist and acupuncturist, tells us that Saigon cinnamon (Rou Gui in Mandarin) helps return fire back to its source.  

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Danish cinnamon rolls and the EU

Posted on 13.01.2014 by Sinner Man

The Danish cinnamon roll, known there as Kanelsnegle, is at risk following Danish food regulators' recent interpretation of a 2008 European Union directive.

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Cinnamon Hill chosen for Xmas gifts

Posted on 12.12.2013 by Sinner Man

Our fresh cinnamon and special cinnamon grater have been chosen by the Telegraph, the Guardian/Observer and the Mail Online in the UK for their Christmas gift guides, as well as by top international food bloggers.

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Cinnamon Hill interview

Posted on 05.12.2013 by Sinner Man

Cinnamon Hill co-founder Rupert Beeley is interviewed by London audioblogger Food for Thought at the Spirit of Christmas fair.

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An alternative Cinnamon Hill Thanksgiving recipe

Posted on 28.11.2013 by Grater Garbo

Instead of the Pilgrims celebrating in 1621 with a turkey feast, picture the Sultan of Morocco in 1621 tucking into a Ceylon cinnamon chicken dish.

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Fresh cinnamon healing remedies

Posted on 19.11.2013 by Grater Garbo

As the Autumn days grow colder and shorter, we all begin to suffer from colds and winter aches.  Two cinnamon lovers have suggested wonderful healing remedies; one magic, one medicinal.

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Canela fresca

Posted on 14.11.2013 by Sinner Man

Following on from our piece about Dia de los Muertos we have a Cinnamon Hill giveaway from Mexican food blogger Muy Bueno as well as a review in Spanish from Gastronomia & Cia.

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Fresh cinnamon health benefits

Posted on 04.11.2013 by Sinner Man

A recent round-up of the health benefits of fresh cinnamon.

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Sexy cinnamon

Posted on 10.10.2013 by Sinner Man

There's nothing new in the recent claims that cinnamon is an aphrodisiac.

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Marcella Hazan

Posted on 01.10.2013 by Sinner Man

A small tribute to Marcella Hazan from Cinnamon Hill.

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Cinnamon baked apples - a perfect combination

Posted on 29.09.2013 by Grater Garbo

Swedish blogger Ilva Beretta has kindly dedicated this simple but delicious recipe to us.  Ilva, tack så mycket för en jätte god dessert!

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Cinnamon grater review from LA

Posted on 29.09.2013 by Sinner Man

Cinnamon grater put to the test by LA blogger Nicole Weston at Baking Bites.

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Freshly grated cinnamon - a sensual pleasure

Posted on 21.09.2013 by Sinner Man

"It's such a sensual pleasure to use freshly grated cinnamon, the sleek wooden grater works like a charm" says Delicious Days.

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Gourmet cinnamon

Posted on 21.09.2013 by Grater Garbo

Blogger Running Blonde says Cinnamon Hill gourmet Saigon cinnamon really packs a punch!

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Cinnamon and diabetes, an update

Posted on 12.09.2013 by Sinner Man

There is further recent evidence to support the claim that cinnamon improves fasting blood glucose levels in patients with type 2 diabetes.

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Fresh cinnamon anti-AGEing benefits

Posted on 06.09.2013 by Sinner Man

Fresh cinnamon provides significant protection against youth-destroying AGE compounds, according to recent research in the Journal of Medicinal Food.

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Cinnamon grater artwork

Posted on 04.09.2013 by Sinner Man

The first cinnamon grater sketches known to mankind!  Thanks to Cinnamon Lover Beverley Chapelhow for taking the cinnamon grater to a new level.

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Saigon cinnamon harvest alert

Posted on 29.08.2013 by Sinner Man

The fresh Saigon cinnamon harvest has arrived from Vietnam.

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Frischen Zimt

Posted on 21.08.2013 by Sinner Man

For our German-speaking customers, here is a very thorough review.

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Fresh cinnamon recipe breakthrough

Posted on 20.08.2013 by Sinner Man

Here, just published, is the first recipe we have ever seen which calls for "freshly grated cinnamon".  This is a small moment in history but a big step for us.

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More fresh cinnamon and grater reviews

Posted on 12.08.2013 by Grater Garbo

We have had some rave online product reviews from food bloggers in the UK and the US.

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Fresh Ceylon cinnamon on mango lassi

Posted on 21.07.2013 by Grater Garbo

Thanks to Jac at Tinned Tomatoes for a great suggestion: freshly grated Ceylon cinnamon from Cinnamon Hill on mango lassi.

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Rose Prince Daily Telegraph feature

Posted on 18.06.2013 by Sinner Man

The Cinnamon Hill grater was highlighted by Rose Prince in her Baking Club column in the Daily Telegraph on Saturday.

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Cinnamon Hill Hero no.1 Neil Young

Posted on 18.06.2013 by Sinner Man

Last night at the O2 in London Neil Young played a blistering set including Cinnamon Hill’s all-time favourite song Cinnamon Girl.

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Carrot & fresh cinnamon salad recipe

Posted on 25.05.2013 by Grater Garbo

This is a simple and delicious recipe provided to us by Britain's Best Dish finalist Cathy Wardlaw.

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The cinnamon coumarin health issue

Posted on 13.05.2013 by Sinner Man

We have been asked about the cinnamon coumarin issue.  Here are the facts.

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Cinnamon biscuits: teach your children

Posted on 09.05.2013 by Grater Garbo

Cinnamon biscuits are an easy and delicious way to teach your children how to bake.  

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Sourcing the Saigon cinnamon

Posted on 02.05.2013 by Sinner Man

Fresh from another cinnamon hunt in Vietnam, we have just made a new order of Saigon cinnamon. It’s not as easy as you might think.

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Sizzling Saigon cinnamon

Posted on 11.03.2013 by Grater Garbo

There is an interesting piece in Cook's Illustrated which analyses the taste of ready-ground cinnamon - in this case, cinnamon cassia which American tastes prefer. 

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Crepes Suzette recipe for Pancake Day

Posted on 11.02.2013 by Sinner Man

For Shrove Tuesday tomorrow, which is pancake day here in the UK, Crepes Suzette is the best way to indulge yourself before Lent.

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Saigon cinnamon harvest news January 2013

Posted on 06.01.2013 by Sinner Man

We took delivery of the latest shipment Saigon cinnamon today.  This arrived by ship coming from Haiphong to Felixstowe, via Singapore.  The cinnamon was actually cut from the trees in late October.  It was an excellent harvest in Yen Bai Province in northern Vietnam, and the cinnamon is dark and firm, with an unusually spicy aroma, even for Saigon cinnamon. 

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Posted on 27.12.2012 by Sinner Man

Cinnamon "research" - our favourite piece:

A study by Alan Hirsch, M.D. at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, found that cinnamon scored high as an aphrodisiac for males. 

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Cinnamon and diabetes

Posted on 19.12.2012 by Sinner Man

Cinnamon is often recommended for people with diabetes on the grounds that it helps to reduce fasting blood sugar levels.  We are not scientists but we have read around the subject.  The conclusions are, at best, mixed; on balance it is thought that cinnamon actually does little to reduce blood sugar levels. 

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Madagascar cinnamon

Posted on 12.12.2012 by Sinner Man

Madagascar cinnamon vs Ceylon cinnamon

Mia Keating sent us some fresh cinnamon sticks from Madagascar.  This is the only place outside Sri Lanka where true Ceylon cinnamon (cinnamomum Zeylanicum) grows.   Sailors from Sri Lanka would have stopped off at Madagascar to replenish their stores after the long journey across the Indian Ocean, before negotiating the Cape of Good Hope.

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Fresh cinnamon mulled wine recipe

Posted on 11.12.2012 by Sinner Man

These December days call for mulled wine.  We have experimented with various recipes, including Glögg (en av oss är svensk), but we prefer the Glühwein recipe.

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The beginning

Posted on 10.12.2012 by Sinner Man

Let’s start with poetry.  Who has not read Michael Ondaatje’s highly-charged poem The Cinnamon Peeler and been left breathless by the final lines:

“I am the cinnamon peeler’s wife.

 Smell me.”

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