Cinnamon health benefits

Cinnamon isn’t known as a "Super Spice" for nothing!
Here is a list of its reported health benefits in no particular order:


  • reduces blood sugar levels (particularly good for people with type 2 diabetes)
  • lowers bad cholesterol
  • helps weight control as a sweet, healthy alternative to sugar
  • very high in antioxidants (twice that of turmeric)
  • a great source of vital nutrients including calcium, manganese, iron and fibre
  • has an anti-clotting effect on the blood
  • stops some medication-resistant yeast infections
  • improves skin condition
  • inhibits bacterial growth (which is why it is used in toothpaste)
  • a centuries old cure for digestive ailments in Asian medicine, relieves indigestion
    (some women use it to help manage pre-menstrual pain)
  • acts as an anti-inflammatory, reducing arthritis and other joint and muscle pain
  • boosts cognitive function and memory, including in alzheimers sufferers
  • helps relaxation and sleep

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