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  • Harvest dates

    Harvest depends upon the timing of the monsoon rains in different areas. In general, the harvest in Vietnam occurs in the late Spring while in Sri Lanka it occurs twice every 18 months in different cycles across the island.

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  • Freshness Freshness

    We buy our cinnamon at harvest and mark the date on each pack. Our cinnamon sticks are individually wrapped in biodegradable cellophane to keep their full aroma and flavour. They're at their tastiest within a year of harvest (Ceylon) and 18 months (Saigon). Stale supermarket cinnamon will splinter on the grater. To guarantee freshness we only sell cinnamon online.

  • And seriously? Buy some of this cinnamon.

    Shauna, Gluten Free Girl, US

  • Using our cinnamon Using our cinnamon

    The two cinnamons taste very different - apple with Saigon cinnamon tastes quite different from apple with Ceylon cinnamon – so you may want to experiment.

    Good, fresh cinnamon has a strong taste and you may prefer to use a little less than the recommended amount in a recipe, in particular with Saigon cinnamon.

    Use whole sticks of either to enhance the flavour of your casserole or grate the cinnamon over your food as a garnish, as you might with pepper or nutmeg.

    We would love to hear your views and recipe ideas and share them with other cinnamon lovers on our website.

  • Grater craftsmanship Grater craftsmanship

    The best way to capture the sweet aroma and taste of good quality, fresh cinnamon is to grate it into a fine powder and use it immediately. Conventional graters do not work so we have designed a cinnamon grater specially for this purpose. They look beautiful and they really work.


    Our wooden graters are handcrafted by Graham in Lancashire, England from FSC certified European crown-cut oak, making each one unique. Our plastic-moulded graters have been precision-engineered to replicate the wooden grater and are made in Gloucestershire, England. The grater blades are made from foodgrade stainless steel, laser-etched in Birmingham, England. Our ceramic pots are handmade in Staffordshire, England.

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    Sophie, Life coach, London

  • CLC Membership CLC Membership

    We invite returning customers to join our Cinnamon Lovers Club. Membership entitles you to a 10% discount on all future purchases. As a member you’re welcome to buy our products at the discounted rate on behalf of your friends and family too. It also puts you on the Harvest Alert email list and gives you occasional updates concerning health benefits, recipes and membership events.


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  • Wholesale & Affiliate opportunities Wholesale & Affiliate opportunities

    Many of our customers and blogger friends have become online affiliate sales partners. It’s easy to set up and we share revenues generously. We also welcome wholesale orders. Please email us here to learn more.

  • Food safety

    Our cinnamon meets demanding international standards of food safety, as well as USA and European food wrapping requirements. The cinnamon sticks are wrapped individually. All our packaging materials are biodegradable. All our grater materials have been verified as food safe.

  • Customs duties

    Our products are free of any customs duties in the USA and Europe.

    Our cinnamon graters and Canelle Spray are subject to VAT in the UK and Europe. However, our cinnamon sticks are exempt.

    We cannot vouch for the rest of the world.

  • The cinnamon is incredibly fresh and the grater will last forever.

    BBC Olive Magazine

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  • Lost or damaged items

    We hope you are satisfied with your purchase, but we understand that items occasionally get lost or damaged in the post. If your order hasn’t arrived within 10 working days of the estimated delivery time indicated in your Order confirmation, please contact us. If any items arrive damaged, please notify us immediately. Returned goods should be sent to Cinnamon Hill Ltd, Freepost RTKX-XCYZ-UZAC, Blackburn, BB1 3BW, UK.