We’ve received the formal research results following mosquito trials of Canelle Spray, our Ceylon cinnamon based mosquito repellent. 


The clinical trials were done at the test centre at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. This is recognized as one of the leading research universities in the world and is certainly the go-to place for research into tropical disease and medicine. Tests were conducted by Dr Sarah Dewhirst BSc, MSc, PhD under the supervision of Prof James Logan BSc, PhD, FRES in June 2019.  


Our Canelle Spray was lab tested in three different experiments with 50 mosquitos (Ae. aegypti) in each cage. Mosquito probes were measured at three time points over a one-hour period. The results are “Canelle Spray provided 97% protective efficacy”. And that 3% imperfection was accounted for by one pesky mosquito which was not even finally confirmed!


So there we have it: Canelle Spray is not only a totally natural mosquito repellent, unlike DEET and PMD and other “nature replicants (ugh!)” but it’s 97% effective. Beat that!


And, if you like the aroma of cinnamon leaf, it smells great.


PS if you read the report you’ll find that we also tested another of our proprietary cinnamon oil mixtures, Canelle d’Or, under exactly the same conditions. This, as you can see, achieved 100% protective efficacy. 

Canelle Spray mosquito