We've finally launched our new product, Canelle Spray.  It's a totally natural cinnamon-based mosquito repellent.  It has no chemical additives at all, smells lovely and really works!  As well as repelling mosquitoes, it soothes stings and has a natural moisturising effect.

Ceylon cinnamon has long been known for its insect repellent qualities and the oil is used in ayurvedic medicines to treat skin conditions.  Canelle Spray is made from our proprietary mixture of true Ceylon cinnamon leaf oil and bark oil, diluted with distilled cinnamon water. Ceylon cinnamon oil naturally contains cinnamaldehyde and eugenol and it’s the combined scent of the two, it seems, that mosquitoes don’t like. The distilled cinnamon water moderates and enhances this effect. 

Canelle Spray contains ONLY natural ingredients, extracted by steam distillation from Ceylon cinnamon plants; nothing else. We know this because we supervise the production, mixing and bottling of the ingredients in Sri Lanka. Other “natural” repellents are actually synthetic substances, industrially refined from natural ingredients such as DEET and PMD, and then mixed with other synthetic ingredients. Look in the small print.

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