Co-founder Rupert Beeley and the Cinnamon Hill grater were highlighted by Rose Prince in her Baking Club column in the Daily Telegraph on Saturday.


"It is better to buy cinnamon whole, like this, and not ground, when it loses the oomph in its scent.  It is a bore to grind, though. Even with a powerful electric spice grinder the result is coarse gravel.  


The solution to this problem comes in one of the most charming, even beautiful gadgets.  Rupert Beeley, who has lived in Sri Lanka, imports special cinnamon and, having mulled over the home milling conundrum, has invented a fine grater fitted on to a comfortable, carved wooden handle, with a ceramic mortar (bowl) to catch the fresh cinnamon powder as you rub it against the ridges of the steel.


It is a great improvement on all other graters designed for cinnamon, and the fresh scent of the spice is evident, even after baking."


Thank you, Rose, for your kind comments.