It’s been a busy few weeks at Cinnamon Hill.  Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, the UK’s most passionate Real Food advocate, discovered our fresh cinnamon and what he called our “cunning little grater”, saying  “Now I’m looking forward to the new Ceylon harvest.” 


This duly arrived in June, leading Tony Turnbull, the food editor of The Times in London to choose our fresh Ceylon cinnamon as one of the things he “can’t live without” in his piece on “The 15 things foodies should have in their larders.”


The Times Cinnamon Hill


Unfortunately we ran out of Saigon cinnamon sticks in June so we had to shut the shop for a couple of weeks.  In July the fresh Saigon harvest arrived from Yen Bai in Northern Vietnam – perhaps the spiciest we have ever tasted.  This is very popular with American cinnamon lovers and has flown off the shelf, aided by the fact that we have now introduced a Fedex option for customers in the US and Canada, following our USPS problems earlier this year.


We have also been adopted by leading US Real Food bloggers Food Renegade, 100 Days of Real Food and The Healthy Home Economist, leading to a lot more interest in our gourmet cinnamon and grater in the US.  The Nourishing Gourmet also did an interesting piece.


We set up an Instagram page at the prompting of Symmetry Breakfast which is a fun new platform for Cinnamon Hill.


And just this week the Guild of Fine Food in the UK announced that our Saigon cinnamon had won two stars in their 2015 Great Taste Awards.  “How delightful to encounter such freshness and aroma!  Very good indeed.”  Our Ceylon cinnamon got a star as well.  “There's a gorgeous, fresh, light, yet warming and fully aromatic character on grating.”


Now, with the Autumn fruits and vegetables not far away, and thoughts of butternut squash and apple pie, we’re getting ready to launch some cinnamon events and contests.  The first will be Kanelbullens Dag (Cinnamon Roll Day in Sweden) on 4 October.


So make sure you’re stocked up with fresh cinnamon and watch this space!