On 24 May 2017 Cinnamon Hill set about an experiment to see if there is any truth to the accounts we have heard from Cinnamon Lovers that a combination of fresh cinnamon and honey, taken as a drink, can help people to lose weight.  We were also looking for any other health benefits.


We had a starting line-up of 43 volunteers, mostly women, with an age range of 28 to 72 but the majority over 45.  Volunteers came from the US and the UK.  We had 3 drop-outs (including one weight gain which turned out to be a pregnancy!) leaving 40 volunteers who saw it through to the end.  Actually everyone seemed to enjoy the routine and the taste.


See https://cinnamonhill.com/blog/cinnamon-hill-weight-loss-experiment/ for the recipe for the fresh cinnamon and honey drink which our volunteers drank each night for a month.     


Cinnamon Hill provided fresh sticks of Saigon cinnamon for the experiment along with one of our special cinnamon graters.  While we offer both Ceylon cinnamon and Saigon cinnamon, we chose the Saigon because it grates more easily into a fine powder and because we thought it tasted better with honey.  We asked volunteers to obtain their own raw or unpasteurized honey and otherwise to carry on with their normal eating and exercise routine.





We now have the results: 34 volunteers actually lost weight (that’s 85% of participants) with weight loss in the range of 0.5lb to 5lbs.  Further, 26 volunteers (that’s 65% of participants) lost more than 1lb over the one month period.  In almost all cases weight loss was gradual.  Impact on waistline was less dramatic, ranging from half an inch to three inches, broadly in line with weight loss.





Volunteers also reported a range of other health benefits:


Much better sleep (reported by over a third of participants); sleeping longer, sleeping deeper, dreaming, waking up feeling refreshed.


Increased energy levels (another common observation, perhaps linked to better sleep) and better mental clarity.


Reduced sugar cravings (another common observation).  In one case this went as far as a new dislike of overly sweet things.


A general sense of well-being.  See below some of the wonderful quotes which testify to this feeling of well-being.


Improved skin - brighter and clearer (another common observation).  In one case it helped to clear eczema and urticaria and in another an unexplained skin rash.


Reduced arthritic pain.


Reduced period pains.


Reduced effects of seasonal allergies, colds and sore throat.





The combination of fresh cinnamon and honey does seem to help some people to lose weight.  It’s also good that people find the routine easy and enjoyable. 


There are several possible reasons for this.  It may be that there is some property in the combination (enhanced by the pureness and freshness of the ingredients) that has a physical effect.  It may be that reduced sugar cravings lead to eating fewer sweet things.  It may simply be that the experiment encouraged people to eat more healthily.


It goes without saying that everyone was astonished by the taste of our fresh cinnamon.


So the message from Cinnamon Hill is: if you like fresh cinnamon and honey, why not give it a go yourself?  All you have to lose is a little weight!


We’ll leave you with some uplifting quotes but before that we just want to say how delighted we are with the results of the experiment and how grateful we are to all our volunteers.


Meanwhile we’d love to hear any comments from you and from anyone else who tries the experiment for themselves.





On sleeping better:


“I think the cinnamon honey mixture was great before bed.  It helped relax me and I always slept well.”


“I love the nightly ritual because it is so tasty (and I swear I sleep better).”


“I have found that I'm able to sleep longer throughout the night & more energy during the day.”


“I have noticed that I am sleeping more deeply and staying asleep longer since this study began.  I am also dreaming which I don't ever remember doing before!”


“I have definitely noticed that I fall asleep better.  It is usually very difficult for me to go to sleep, but since using the cinnamon I have noticed I feel much more relaxed.”


“The huge benefit for me has been sleep - I am sleeping better than I have for ages, despite being unwell.”


“Also I should have added how much I look forward to and enjoy the cinnamon with honey in the evening before bed.  I don't think I will stop that habit now.”



On improved health and skin condition:


“My face looks slimmer for some reason.  I just feel overall brighter in my complexion too.”


“My arthritis is way less painful.”


“Overall, I feel like my skin looks brighter and clearer.  I have less sugar (and sweet) cravings.  I feel like I have more energy and feel good!”  


“My eczema and urticaria have cleared up almost completely.  I shall continue to take the mixture as it seems to be helping.”


“Last week a woman at my church commented on my weight loss and said I looked good!  I think it's because, yes, my skin looks clearer and it's less sensitive too!”


“When I was at the gym the other day I was sweating after a tough workout and someone asked if I smelled cinnamon!  Ha!  I must be sweating it out!”


“I have noticed that my allergies are almost unnoticeable since starting this.  Usually seasonal allergies cause headache and stuffiness for me.”


“I caught a cold and sore throat a few days back and the recovery was very quick.  Normally a sore throat leads to antibiotics for me so this one was surprisingly mild.” 



On feeling good:


“I don't always get the 8 hours of sleep I want, but since using the cinnamon/honey, even with less sleep, I wake alert and ready to start my day.  I really feel that the cinnamon/honey has been an energy booster and catalyst for my weight loss.  I noticed after drinking the "mix" a warmth and like my metabolism was revving up.  I also noticed my taste buds are more sensitive to food flavors.  Sweet things I used to enjoy are now too sweet and everything has a more pronounced taste.  I'm very happy with the effects I've received from this experiment.”


“I feel like I lost more than what my weight says so I must be gaining muscle since my energy level is so much higher than it was before I started this great night time drink. I have been sleeping like a rock and wake up feeling great.”


“I notice my face seems so much nicer with the double chin gone and I seem to always be smiling since I feel great and am very positive.  Very happy I joined in this adventure and will continue my nightly bedtime drinks.” 


“I have loads of energy from morning to evening.  I also look forward to my cinnamon/honey treat each night.  It seems to satisfy my craving for sugar and it lasts.  The Saigon Cinnamon is delicious!”


“I do have an overall feeling of wellness and contentment.  This could come from knowing I'm doing something good for myself or from the mixture.”


“Even though there has not been much change I do feel good.  My husband asked if I'd lost weight, said it looked like I had.” 


“With this new energy I think everything is going in the right direction.  I am loving myself, my hair, my skin and really want to continue feeling this way and I am positive that my nightly drinks of cinnamon and honey play a big part in this new found energy and great feeling.”