Harvest news January 2013


We took delivery of the latest shipment Saigon cinnamon today.  This arrived by ship coming from Haiphong to Felixstowe, via Singapore.  The cinnamon was actually cut from the trees in late October.  It was an excellent harvest in Yen Bai Province in northern Vietnam, and the cinnamon is dark and firm, with an unusually spicy aroma, even for Saigon cinnamon. 


We took delivery of a small cargo of Ceylon just before Christmas, flown into Heathrow directly from Colombo, and we get another small delivery of Ceylon cinnamon, also arriving by plane, on Monday. 


The recent harvest of Ceylon cinnamon has been patchy, principally because of the late and long Monsoon this year in the coastal regions of southern Sri Lanka.  Some farmers chose to harvest their cinnamon early, before the bark had grown sufficiently.  This led to thin, feeble sticks which we had to reject because they could not be grated.  Other farmers waited – and it was worth it, the cinnamon is firm and the aroma is wonderfully citrusy – but it has taken time for the cinnamon to dry sufficiently and to be transported to Colombo on the flooded roads from Matara.


Try it for yourself!