Spicelines is one of the gourmet's best kept secrets.  As well as being a constantly interesting account of the culinary explorations and international adventures of a nameless but intrepid cook/traveller/gardener, it is the most authoritative spice blog in the world; praise from Spicelines is the Nobel prize for spice makers.


Paris Breakfast kindly tipped off Spicelines about Cinnamon Hill.  After waiting nervously for several weeks, we saw the Spicelines piece yesterday.  It's a very thorough review, comparing our fresh cinnamon with "the ho-hum stuff" and including some lovely pictures.  Modesty forbids us from quoting the review extensively but here are some pictures and snippets.


"Why use tasteless powdered cinnamon, when this lovely British grater will not only grind freshly harvested cinnamon sticks to a fine powder but also perfume the air with the spice’s intoxicating fragrance?"

















On Ceylon cinnamon (above): "The flavor begins on a mellow note, then builds, becoming both hotter and sweeter before slowly fading away. Near the end, a slight astringency kicks in, providing a lively finish that keeps the spice’s sweetness from cloying the palate."

On Saigon cinnamon (above): "The nibble test of his Saigon cinnamon was astonishing.  It is the most incendiary cinnamon I have ever tasted—it almost scorched my tongue and after I swallowed, I could feel a little ball of fire sliding down my gullet. Luckily, this cassia is also very sweet and has a powerful, classic  cinnamon taste—both characteristics balance the intense heat."


Finally, "after all these years of seeking the finest spices, I am humbled."


Thank you, Spicelines.