Canelle Spray, our natural cinnamon mosquito repellent, has been a great success. We’ve now sold several hundred bottles and have had feedback from around the world; in the US, from California to New York and from Michigan to Florida; in Europe, from Portugal to Greece; in Asia from Singapore to Tokyo, and elsewhere from Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. We’re only waiting for the weather to warm up in Australia.


The feedback has been very positive. Canelle Spray obviously works as a mosquito repellent and quite a few customers were surprised: “It’s working wonders!”…“Amazing! I was free of pest bites in a very buggy environment.” Some were thrilled “…not one more bite…!” Some were intrigued “…fascinating to watch….” 


Others were practical “Several of my friends and I have given the spray a thorough test against bad mosquitos and gnats. It works beautifully!" and some even conducted a comparative test against a popular chemical spray “Canelle Spray won hands down.”  Another said "It’s way superior to the scent of any other bug repellant spray; the comparison is like night and day." 


It has to be said that some customers were not 100% protected “…got a few bites but would have been eaten alive otherwise….” It seems also to work against Canadian black fly and it sometimes works against gnats in the US and midges in Scotland. Not a single customer has complained that Canelle Spray doesn’t work and that’s after more than 500 sales so far.


Customers have also commented on the additional benefits. “What a great side benefit: it smells awesome!” “I also like the idea of a natural solution.” “I’m delighted to have discovered a healthy product that works so well." “It has a rather nice oily feel and I’m sure it’s good for the dry skin on my feet.”


For some, the initial impact has been a surprise: “It honestly took a bit to get used to the strong cinnamon smell (although MUCH better than traditional bug spray smell!)” For others it took a bit of trial and error to get the measure right: “I don’t think I’ve got the hang of how much to use yet: it’s pretty potent stuff.” And one or two made the mistake of putting Canelle Spray on sensitive skin areas, which is a No-No: “The only problem was when somebody touched their eyes with their hands but that’s kind of obvious that you shouldn’t do that with any kind of bug spray, bad stuff or good stuff.”  Having said that, one customer remarked " I am especially happy that it does not irritate my skin at all. I have very sensititve skin so I was concerned about that."


Some even made a gift of their Canelle Spray. “I gave the bottle to my hosts because they were quite impressed with your Canelle Spray.” “I gave a bottle to my friends who do field trials with their dogs in the country where gnats are even worse. They said the spray worked great!"


We’re trying to drum up interest among the scientific community. Most academics seem to require major funding before they will test something new but we’ve found some interest in London and are working on this. 


So overall we’re thrilled. Thanks to you all for giving it a go. And, as one happy customer said, “ I'm now telling everybody about it so hopefully you’ll get a surge of orders soon.”  Yes, please!