Quite a few customers have asked if cinnamon is anti-viral.  It’s certainly anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and there is evidence that it’s anti-viral too.  Here’s an article from 2017 written in the light of the SARS virus https://cinnamonzone.hk/blog/2017/04/08/cinnamon-kills-viruses/ which supports this.  


Remember that our Canelle Spray, which we market mainly as a natural insect repellent, is a simple combination of pure Ceylon cinnamon leaf and bark oil mixed with distilled water.  It has relatively high levels of cinnamaldehyde which is what is thought to have the anti-microbial properties.  


Remember also that pure cinnamon powder, contained in our capsules, is a rich source of vital nutrients, very high in anti-oxidants and great for your immune system.

PS Sara Davenport, a holistic health expert, founder of Breast Cancer Haven in the UK, and top blogger in her own right at Reboot Health, blogs about this at https://www.reboothealth.co.uk/blog/reboot-recommends-cinnamon-a-viral-heavy-hitter  She also points out that Google have flled a patent application for anti-viral preparations obtained from cinnamon.