We have had some rave online product reviews from food bloggers in the UK and the US.


Washington DC based star food blogger Ashley Rodriguez at NotWithoutSalt writes:


"I’ve tried grating my cinnamon on a microplane and in a spice grinder with not much luck. This little grater gives you the fluffiest little specks of the most fragrant cinnamon I’ve ever had. It’s so potent that when I let my kids smell it one little monkey bumped the other monkey who then inhaled the cinnamon. There were tears – now that’s fresh." 


Elsewhere, joker Cinabar at Foodstuff Finds in the UK writes:


"I just couldn’t get over how the cinnamon tasted, it was like it had a sharpness to it, it was tangy, but floral and so much more fragrant than any cinnamon I’ve tried before.  The warmth and usual buzz was there, but it felt cleaner with loads of flavour packed in.  It is hard to explain the nuances between this and regular cinnamon in words, but for me this was like cinnamon mark two – a better improved version of my favourite spice."


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