The harvests of Saigon cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon have been late this year, in both cases owing to late Monsoon rain in Vietnam and Sri Lanka.  In Vietnam the cinnamon has now been harvested and our order has arrived but is sitting in UK customs awaiting clearance.  In Sri Lanka the harvest is underway but the farmers are peeling the bark before it is fully ready, with the result that the bark is thin and often not suitable for grating.  Our partners are having to sort the cinnamon very selectively and it is taking time to assemble sufficient stock. 


In both cases we hope to have the fresh cinnamon available for dispatch at the start of July.  In the meantime the existing stock, dating back to July 2013 for the Saigon cinnamon and October 2013 for the Ceylon cinnamon, is still very fresh and has lost little of its bite.