Our fresh cinnamon and special cinnamon grater has been chosen by the Guardian/Observer in the UK for their Christmas gift guide.  Mail Online Health Editor Sarah Stacey puts them on her Well Being Wish List ("gifts that give back").  And Carolyn Hart has written a terrific feature about Cinnamon Hill in the Telegraph.


Top New York/Berlin blogger Luisa Weiss at  The Wednesday Chef chooses it for her Christmas gift guide, saying:


"Cinnamon Hill's cinnamon grater seems at first glance to be the kind of superfluous gizmo the world doesn't need. Isn't ground cinnamon in a jar good enough? The answer turns out to be, actually, no....These aromas unfold immediately when you freshly grate the cinnamon on the beautifully designed grater, helping to boost the scents and flavor of your holiday baking."

San Francisco-based blogger and poet Anita Chu of Dessert First gets carried away under the heading Couture Cinnamon:


"In order to fully appreciate fresh ground cinnamon, Cinnamon Hill created a special grater that lets you grind the sticks à la minute, just like you would with other spices like pepper or nutmeg. The honey oak-handled grater is pleasing to the eye and hand, and comes with own little holder for display. There’s a lovely visual and physical satisfaction to watching a fine rain of ground cinnamon fall down on your dish, accompanied by the sweet scent released from the grated stick. You can even smell the difference between the two cinnamons by grating them fresh – a fun little experiment."

Anita can't resist adding a picture of her dog Snickerdoodle.  Nor can we.