This year for our Valentine's Day love poem we've chosen the mesmerising "Spell" written by Scottish poetess and all-round Cinnamon Hill hero Kate Clanchy, published in "Samarkand" (Picador) in 1999:

If, at your desk, you push aside your work,

Take down a book, turn to this verse

And read that I kneel there, pressing

My ear where on your chest the muscles

Arch, as great books part, in seagull curves,

Bridging the seasounds of your heart,


And that your hands run through my hair,

Draw the wayward mass to strands

As flat as scarlet silk-thread bookmarks,

And stroke my cheeks as if smoothing

Back the tissue leaves from chilly,

Plated pages, and pull me near


To read my eyes alone, then you shall see,

Silvered and monochrome, yourself,

Sitting at your desk, taking down a book,

Turning to this verse, and then, my love,

You shall not know which one of us is reading

Now, which writing, and which written.