We have over 40 volunteers for our fresh cinnamon and honey weight loss experiment, coming from Europe and the US.  We are just waiting for a few final deliveries and then we'll be ready to start.  


We are trying to establish if there is any truth to the many accounts we have heard from Cinnamon Lovers that a combination of fresh cinnamon and honey helps people lose weight.  We are also looking for any other health benefits that our volunteers might notice.  


Here are the instructions for the daily fresh cinnamon and honey mix, to be consumed by our volunteers every night for one month.  We are using Saigon cinnamon because it mixes well in a hot drink and because we think it tastes better with raw honey. 


Every evening before going to bed, prepare your fresh cinnamon & honey drink as follows.  
1 Grate 1/2 a teaspoon (2.5ml) of the cinnamon into a small cup.
2 Add about 25ml of boiled water to the cup.
3 Let it steep for at least 10 minutes so it cools down a bit.  The cinnamon won’t dissolve but the water will absorb some of the cinnamon properties.  
4 After 10 minutes or so, add one teaspoon (5ml) of raw/unpasteurised honey to the mix and stir till it dissolves.  (The reason for this delay is that if you mix honey and boiling water, you might destroy the enzymes and other nutrients in the honey.) 
5 Don’t worry about the precise quantities.  If you want to increase or decrease the amounts to get a better taste, that’s fine, but try and keep the proportion of 1 unit of cinnamon to 2 units of honey.  
5 Give it a final stir then drink the mix last thing before bed (but before brushing your teeth!)  
There will be some cinnamon particles in the drink but don’t worry about this, just drink it and enjoy the fresh cinnamon/honey taste!