Many cinnamon lovers have reported that a combination of cinnamon and honey, consumed daily, helps weight loss.  We want to put this to the test and are looking for volunteers.  Anybody over 18 is qualified to enter. 

We will send each volunteer a Cinnamon Hill starter set and a box of fresh cinnamon and ask them to make a hot drink of cinnamon and raw honey, to be drunk every evening for one month.  We will then ask them about the experience and the results, and share it with our followers.

If you are interested in taking part, please either make a comment below or email by 19 April 2017.  We will then contact you directly.

FOLLOW UP: thanks for a terrific response!  We now have 50 volunteers signed up.  We will be sending out some fresh cinnamon shortly with a grater and we hope to begin the experiment in mid May. We will be posting news on Facebook as it emerges.