Recent research finds that cinnamon could stop prostate cancer from progressing.  

Research published on 18 March 2018 by the National Instiitute of Nutrition in Hyderabad has found that cinnamon could stop prostate cancer from progressing.  The researchers tested the potential of cinnamon and one of its active ingredients, procyanidin-B2, in inhibiting the suppressing prostate cancer growth.  See their research abstract here.  The research demonstrates that "cinnamon extract and its PSB2-enriched fraction act as proteasome inhibitors and have prospects as anti-cancer agents”.  Dr Ayesha Ismail, who led the research project, has confirmed to us that they used freshly-ground Ceylon cinnamon sticks but they were obtained in India and she couldn't vouch for their freshness.

The findings were welcomed by oncologist Dr Jiri Kubes, a prostate cancer specialist at the Proton Therapy Centre in Prague, in a piece in the Express in the UK but he cautions that “we’re still a long way from establishing definitively if cinnamon…can inhibit cancer cell growth."