It’s been a busy week. 


We have now got the August 2014 Ceylon cinnamon harvest ready to go.  It looks lovely - wonderfully compact, a little paler than the last Ceylon harvest – and has the same dreamy citrus scent to it, perfect for Autumn fruits.  You don’t really need to add it to anything.  Just break a stick, inhale and drift away. 


We have also launched a new product: the Jet Set for Starters.  This contains our new plastic-moulded grater (modeled on the original wooden grater) together with one stick of each type of cinnamon.  It makes the perfect present for any foodie or Cinnamon Lover. 


And finally we have featured big-time on the prestigious Healthy Home Economist website.  Sarah compares different types of cinnamon and concludes that what matters, above all, is the freshness.  As she puts it “Stale cinnamon = cinnamon of reduced flavor and health benefit”. 


She goes on to say “My new habit is to keep a stick of Saigon cinnamon next to my computer and I suck on it…if I’m feeling overworked or having a sugar craving from the stress.  That little bit of fresh cinnamon on my tongue is completely satisfying and energizing.”


Next week we are getting ready for the Cake & Bake Show in London where thousands of home bakers will sample our fresh cinnamon, most of them for the first time.  It’s always fun grating some fresh cinnamon, inviting the baker to smell the aroma and watching their face light up with astonishment.  The “fresh cinnamon scentsation” I call it, but Grater Garbo thinks that’s too corny.