The May 2018 Saigon cinnamon harvest has arrived and is now available for sale.  It's fresh and strong and will probably get even stronger over the next few months as it dries further.

Here's a picture of farmer Luk peeling the living cinnamon cassia bark during the rainy season in Yen Bai, north of Hanoi.  Smallhold farmers like him grow it in their gardens, among the bamboo trees, to get extra income in addition to their main produce which is usually rice.  The bamboo leaves fall to the ground around the cinnamon trunk, providing a rich mulch, while the cinnamon tree grows through the bamboo and reaches the sunlight above. 

It's different in Indonesia or China where cinnamon cassia is grown on an industrial scale on huge plantations.  That's what usually ends up in the big food brand jars, sweetened with sugar.