Award-winning blogger and all-round star Nicky Stich at Delicious Days in Germany has posted this:


"I decline most PR offers for free products, simply because I can’t see myself using the product. Very rarely one of those emails catches my interest: It happened some months ago, when an email from Cinnamon Hill made me curious. Their cinnamon grater promised a completely new flavor experience – being the cinnamon lover that I am, I naturally was intrigued! Since I don’t usually plug free products on delicious:days I replied with my standard disclaimer, something along the lines of “I’d love to try it, but don’t promise blog coverage, yet am happy to provide personal feedback”. They agreed. A couple of days later the grater and super fragrant cinnamon sticks arrived. To cut to the chase, the cinnamon consumption in our kitchen went right through the roof ever since! It’s such a sensual pleasure to use freshly grated cinnamon, the sleek wooden grater works like a charm – so I just can’t help sharing this little tool with you. If you are an avid baker and/or spice aficionado, this might be something for you.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free, without strings attached. The grater has proven to be the handiest addition to my kitchen in 2013 so far, which is why I decided to share it with you."