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What is pure cinnamon

What is pure cinnamon?

You'd think that everything that calls itself cinnamon is pure cinnamon.  This would be a mistake.

Cinnamon bark is rarely ground into powder in the country of origin. US and European importers prefer to buy the raw material as cheaply as possible and then process it themselves.

Inevitably they start with low quality cinnamon. Their processes are driven by industrial risk management (radiation, sterilization with ethylene oxide), further cost-saving (adding fillers, binders and preservatives) and product “enhancement” (cryogenic grinding, adding artificial colours and flavours including sugar). These practices are commonplace and legal although rarely disclosed.

At Cinnamon Hill we oversee every stage of the production process of our organic Ceylon cinnamon powder. Our sole objective is purity. That’s why our cinnamon capsules cost more to buy. The first four steps of the process are completed in the same day to ensure freshness:

  1. We harvest, clean and prepare the cinnamon sticks and peel only the fine inner bark.
  2. We air-dry the fresh bark to a precise moisture level.
  3. We grind the dried bark in small batches with a steel grinder, using two blade sizes to get the desired consistency and maintaining a steady temperature to avoid loss of nutrients and essential oils.
  4. We pack, seal and date-stamp the ground cinnamon to retain moisture and then dispatch it to the UK for hygienic capsuling.

Immediately after arrival in the UK the powder is fed into vegan capsules, without any additives whatsoever. These are sealed in biodegradable pouches and made ready for dispatch to our customers. The expiry date is set from the date of actual harvest. The pouches are resealable to preserve freshness and purity.

And you can’t get more pure than that!

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